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Conspiracy Truths

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

MiBEveryone loves a good conspiracy theory. I certainly like teasing myself with the “what-ifs”. They may have existed before the 20th century, but with the increase in media connectivity, eye-witness reporting vs closely controlled and lazy Main Stream Media (MSM), the ground in which they grow is increasingly fertile.

I define conspiracy asĀ  a situation where the truth of the circumstances surrounding a situation has not been widely revealed in the MSM, and where a number of influential people have been involved in keeping back that information. I will postulate 3 main categories.

  1. Occasions so astonishing, you can’t believe they’re true.
  2. Occasions where, for a number of (often valid) reasons, the full truth has not been reported.
  3. Occasions where a number of influential people have kept the truth from the MSM.

As examples of number 1 above, I might offer The Moon Landings. I know there are a number of people who fret about shadows and wind etc, but I have serious doubts that the number of people involved in the mission would keep quiet for this length of time to protect a long disappeared regime.

The line between numbers 2 & 3 is more murky. There undoubtedly have been factions within the governments and security services of many, if not every country, that would like to throw the rug of “National Security” over the dirt of nefarious, illegal activities. But some times, just some times, the nutters on the conspiracy websites are proved right all along.

Though it pains me to say it, David Icke was blethering on about Jimmy Savile’s unpleasant proclivities back in the 1990s. He may just have got lucky – talk enough tripe for long enough, and some of it might be found to be true. There are a lot of other names in the frame – from the arrests made by the Met Police’s Operation Yewtree, it is clear that a signficant number of men in powerful positions throughout the establishment have probably used that power to have sex with vulnerable, often under-age youngsters. It was always illegal. Lots of people knew – in the case of Savile, apparently hundreds, but no-one did anything.

But who can we trust? Senior figures within the BBC, our national foremost media organisation, turned a blind eye. Our newspapers are more interested in the (legal) sex lives of reality show wannabees than proper investigate journalism. So its unsurprising that the vacuum left behind drags in all sorts of detritus. David Icke afterall, believes that the world is run by people with reptilian blood-lines. And not in a metaphorical way; in a scaley, “ooh look, a six-foot lizard in a shirt and tie has just stuck out its forked tongue” kind of way”.

But, similar to “Just because I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me”, so too, “Just because I’m certifiable, doesn’t mean I’m wrong”. So like Tommy Lee Jones & Will Smith reaching for a copy of National Enquirer to keep ahead of alien news, I’ve been delving around the internet to see what there is. Another figure against whom Icke has pinned many paedophiliac accusations (and worse) is the late Tory prime minster, Ted Heath. Famous for being a confirmed batchelor, most people assumed he was a repressed homosexual, but rumours abound the internet that Heath was involved in the rape and indirectly, the murder of young boys.

One blog looking to collect information to cross references sources, rumours, acknoledgements and information is The Needle Blog and any reader is welcome to leave referneces on the Operation Greenlight page. Another conspiracist figure to achieve a degree of fame / notoriety is the author and barrister Michael Shrimpton. He claims to be a Security & Intelligence Consultant, and has probably moved in those circles in the past, but his current obsession with Germans would lead most people to wonder about his current status. He is apparently about to release a book – Spyhunter, so is doubtless lining up the publicity. But he makes some startling claims:

Now if Ted Heath is entirely innocent of the claims made against him, then I feel for his relatives and posterity’s view of him, but only 6 months ago, no-one was allowed to defame the saintly Sir Savile either.

Bear in mind, the National Enquirer was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Journalism in 2010. Icke may yet turn out to be right about the lizards too, but I won’t hold my breath.